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Doing Business With Us

Establishing Telephone Service

Visit or Call your Business Office

If you prefer to call us at 611-toll free from a local Lincoln County landline, Service Representatives in our Business Office can help with orders for service and equipment, billing matters, rates, and inquiries or complaints. Our representatives are there to see that you are completely satisfied.

Information needed for your order:

  1. Complete street address (apartment number if applicable).
  2. The type of telephone service you want.
  3. How you would like your directory listing to appear. Two people with the same last name living at the same address can have their first names listed at no charge.
  4. Information about previous telephone service.
  5. Other credit information, including employment, and positive identification.

A deposit may be required

A deposit of $50.00 for residential ($100.00 for business or returning customers with accounts left if poor credit standing) is required to establish service with LCTS.

Prompt payment means good credit

Your credit standing is determined by your promptness in paying your telephone bill. Payments should be received at the Telephone Company by the payment date on your bill.

Types Of Telephone Service

The following are basic phone services in your area:

Residence service
The monthly rate provides for an unlimited number of local calls of any duration without extra charge.

Business service
The monthly rate provides for an unlimited number of local calls of any duration without extra charge.

Lifeline telephone service
The Lifeline Telephone program is a federal assistance program approved by the Nevada Public Service Commission that provides for a reduction of reoccurring monthly charges for low-income residential subscribers. Dial 1-800-234-9473 concerning eligibility requirements.

Link-Up America
The Link-Up America program is a federal assistance program approved by the Nevada Public Service Commission that provides for a reduction of installation charges for low income residential subscribers. Dial 1-800-234-9473 concerning eligibility requirements.

Optional Services At An Additional Charge

Current rates and charges are available from your Service Representative. Call your Business Office.
The people of Lincoln Co. Telephone System want to provide you with telephone service that fills your needs. So we are highlighting some of our most significant Optional Services that may be available in your area:

Non-published Number
Your number is not in the directory and is not available through Directory Assistance.

Additional listings
A separate and distinct additional item in the telephone directory.


Reliable, efficient communications is our business. We want to provide you with telephone services that fill your needs. If you think one of the preceding Optional Services can help fill that need, or if you have a question about your services, please call us and ask for a Service Representative. We're here to help.

Directory Accuracy
Every effort is made to keep the directory as accurate as possible. The Company, however, assumes no liability for damages arising from errors or omissions from the directory.

Directory listings
For each customer a listing is included in the alphabetical directory without charge. Customers-may arrange for additional listings under regulations applying to such listings, to be placed in the alphabetical directory. Residence telephones advertised and used for business purposes automatically take a business rate.

Special Services

Call Restriction
Call Restriction is an optional feature that provides local calling but blocks any outgoing call that has a long-distance or premium charge. A business customer could place a phone in the employee lounge and not worry about unauthorized long-distance calls.

900 Call Blocking
900 Call Blocking allows you to block calls placed from your telephone to 900 services telephone numbers.

Number Referral Service
A free service which informs callers that your phone has been disconnected or, if you wish, informs callers of your new phone number. This service is available on your primary number for a 12-month period, or the duration of the directory, whichever is longer.

Voice Mail
LCTS Voice Mail is a service that allows users to send, store, and receive messages in the sender's own voice. Each user has a personal "mailbox," accessible 24 hours a day from any Touch-Tone telephone. Each mailbox is protected by a secret code selected by the user.

Install Everything At Once

If you have residence service and are planning a move, have all phone installations done at one time. Extra visits by an installer mean extra charges. So plan all of your installations or phone changes in advance and you'll save money. Remember to take your phone books with you when you move. It'll save you lots of time when you want to call back to friends or business associates you left behind.

How To Reach Us

Business Office: 611-toll free from a local Lincoln County landline.
Directory and Operator Assistance TDD users only: 1-800-855-1155
Repair Service (Voice only): 611-toll free from a local Lincoln County landline.

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